Users can export straight to USB stick without rekordbox

virtual dj summer 2021

VirtualDJ has announced a new Summer 2021 version, that includes the ability to export both Playlists and individual stems from any song straight to USB to work with any CDJ or XDJ hardware. Last year, VirtualDJ introduced an AI stem separation feature that let users ‘mix’ individual parts of any song, such as isolating the acapella from a mixed stereo file.

The Summer 2021 version introduces the ability to add FX to individual stems, such as reverb to just the vocal within a mixed track. You can also scratch only the vocal while the rest of the track continues to play.

The new version also lets users export straight to USB stick that is then useable with any CDJ model and will include all of your analysis and cue points. Users can choose to export only individual stems from certain tracks such as just the drums from one and just the bassline from another. These stems can then be played back directly on the CDJ or XDJ.

Summer 2021 also introduces a new hashtags feature that lets users group tracks based on tags like #groovy, #deep etc. Find out more about VirtualDJ Summer 2021 here. Watch our video below to learn more about how stem separation works.