The outdoor venue features four dance floors and follows social distancing and safety guidelines.

Though it may have been difficult to predict just how long COVID-19 would last after nearly a year of global shutdowns and quarantine measures, some concert and nightlife venues have already begun making necessary adjustments to continue operations during the pandemic.

Club Space in Miami is one such venue. With the help of Bar Lab—and with social distancing and safety measures in mind—the fabled club has announced the launch of its new open-air venue endeavor, Space Park.

In the Magic City Innovation District, Space Park’s events debuted on New Year’s Eve with Artbat and Rony Seikaly. As with all the events planned for the outdoor venue, Club Space sorted out the booking, with Bar Lab spearheading the beverage offerings.

“The opportunity of doing an open-air venue at a park with our brothers at Bar Lab came to us somewhere in the summertime,” David Sinopoli, co-owner of Club Space, said in a statement to Miami New Times. “It’s a lot about timing, and it’s a lot about opportunity and collaboration.”

“We’re local companies. We’re here because we love our community, we’re friends and coworkers,” added Gabe Orta, co-founder of Bar Lab. “We want to make sure we do it the right way, and our intentions are coming from a community point of view. For us, it’s going to be as much of a big party. We’re going to try our best to make our community happy.”

Of course, for the time being, safety guidelines including face masks and temperature checks are in place, and attendance is limited to 25% of the park’s 6,000 person occupancy limit. Miami’s citywide curfew is also being followed, and events are allowed to be held from 3PM until midnight.

Club Space reopened in October with many of the same safety guidelines, but without the space to provide a truly satisfying live music experience. “Since the park is so much larger, the surface area we are going to be using feels ten times bigger than the club,” said Space co-owner Coloma Kaboomsky. “At [Club Space], we have 30 tables. At the park, we’re going to have 60 tables with much more room. We are going to have four small dance floors where you have to wear a mask. It’s limited capacity, and each dance floor has its own bar.”

“It is not just going to be an event space, per se,” Sinopoli added. “We’re going to grow it and activate other community businesses in there to come in as a micro-concept.”

For more information on Space Park, visit Club Space’s Facebook page.

Via: Miami New Times