“I’m into meditation and positive thinking, but my default mode is the opposite,” Mike Posner said in the opening moments of his Impaulsive debut.

In a new interview on Logan Paul’s flagship podcast, Posner recaps his accomplishments walking across America and climbing Mount Everest, all while holding down a demanding professional music career.

However, Posner’s trajectory as an artist was not without its bumps. Speaking with EDM.com in November, he recalled that it was during one of the most uncertain times in his career that Avicii called on him to work. First flying out to Stockholm to link with the dance music legend in the studio, then accompanying him to Ibiza for a show, the experience set the stage for what would become one of Posner’s biggest hits.

“He never cared, unlike almost everybody in the music industry, if I was number one, or number one million,” Posner said of Avicii. “In this period where I’m sitting at home with an empty calendar, he asked me to work.”

Posner told Paul that during his detour to Ibiza, he had hit a low point mentally. Standing alone in the crowd at Avicii’s show, Posner had a lingering hope someone in the crowd would validate him with recognition in order to lift his spirits. That moment eventually came when a group of fans approached him and immediately offered him a pill. Though he didn’t know what the pill was, Posner was receptive, but said he “felt like hell” the next morning.

Looking back on what he regards as a low point in his life, Posner said he felt that it was a tad ironic that Seeb’s uplifting pop remix of “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” became such a hit given the heartbreaking lyrics underneath it all. Nonetheless, Posner is able to look back at it all with a good attitude.

“People are having happy times out of my sadness,” he said with a laugh. “As artists we try to take our pain, suffering, and negativity, and make something beautiful out of it.”

Check out the full Impaulsive interview below.