1001Tracklists Presents: A State Of Dance Music 2021


2021 was another year like no other. Though filled with what at times has felt like daily struggles between hope and despair, music has been an uplifting beacon throughout the pandemic, and the passion our 1001Tracklists community has for electronic music has never been more evident.
A record-breaking 6.8 million people used 1001Tracklists this year to discover new music, and over 69,000 tracklists were uploaded in 2021, marking a 31% increase from the previous year! At the time of this report, many countries are locked down again, while others are seeing events thrive.
We’d like to take a moment and extend a giant thank you to all of the incredibly devoted 1001Tracklists users who dedicate so much time, patience and effort to making the platform as comprehensive and accurate as it is.
While the music industry continues to navigate challenge after challenge as we aim to return to live music, let’s believe in brighter days ahead. Extend compassion, spread kindness, lead with a smile, and dance like no one’s watching, as we work towards a world where live music can be shared in every corner of the globe.
In last year’s report, we highlighted the lack of support for women and people of color – this is an issue that remains as prevalent as ever. However, it’s also an issue that’s beginning to draw more attention thanks to advocates who have consistently spoken up to highlight the issue.
Together with Whoa! Promo, VIRPP, and Select Radio, we have launched our ‘Future Of Dance’ initiative to empower new women and POC producers with the hopes of seeing more of these underrepresented artists shine on the biggest stages. For eligible artists, you can submit your demos here and have the opportunity to win professional mix & mastering, DJ promo & radio servicing for your productions, radio show residencies, and additional exposure. We hope to see more artists, labels, events and companies continue to take steps to provide more support and opportunities for underrepresented artists in the year ahead.
Now please join us in celebrating and commemorating this year’s top artists, tracks, labels, radio shows and moments. Enjoy A State Of Dance Music 2021, and we look forward to seeing you on a dancefloor soon somewhere around the world!